Shipping of Balloon Systems

Shipping of Balloon Systems

General Shipping Information

You are welcome to work with any shipping carrier you prefer.  However we have made special arrangements with two carriers that should offer competitive rates and convenient handling.

Ports of Entry

The three closest ports of entry are:

  • Battle Creek (BTL)
  • Detroit (DTW)
  • Chicago (ORD)

Local Warehousing

Through a sponsorship from Russell A. Farrow (U.S.) Inc. we are able to offer free local warehousing in Battle Creek at the beginning and end of the event.  Your equipment will be stored in a secure facility until you pick it up prior to the event and at the end of the event prior to being picked up by the shipping company.

Given their generous offer, we encourage you to use their shipping services, but that is not mandatory.

Documents Needed

The documents needed may vary depending on the shipping company you select, however, the following documents will typically be needed

  1. Customs Declaration (typically form_3299), or:
  2. TIB or Carnet
    1. You will either need a Carnet, or a TIB (Temporary Import Bond).  Typically, if the equipment is not travelling to any other countries before returning home, the TIB is the easier process.
  3. Power of Attorney (so the shipping company can clear the shipment on your behalf)
  4. Shipping contract with the shipping company
  5. Certificate of purging for each Fuel tank (cylinder) being shipped)
    1. If you are shipping tanks (cylinders) then these must be free of all fuel and purged with an inert gas such as nitrogen.  We recommend that a certificate of purging be taped to each tank, in case the shipment is inspected.  Generally the certificate should include the following information:
      • A statement indicating that “This tank has been purged with an inert gas (nitrogen)”
      • The date the tank was purged
      • The Serial number or other identification of the tank
      • The name and signature of the person performing the purging.

Shipping Companies

Given their offer of free local warehousing Russell Farrow offers the simplest shipping solution for your equipment.


Russell A. Farrow (U.S.) Inc. is offering two different levels of service:

    1. Russell A. Farrow (U.S.) Inc. working with its worldwide network of agents handle the shipping from door-to-door and the return as well (including warehousing of the goods in Battle Creek).
    2. Russell A. Farrow (U.S.) Inc act as only the Customs Broker (as well as warehouse the shipment in their  Battle Creek facility).


You will need to complete 5 documents as follows:

    1. Power of Attorney
    2. Packing list
    3. Service of Process
    4. Credit App
    5. Credit Card Agreement


Dustin H. King
Vice President
Russell A. Farrow (U.S.) Inc.
Direct line: (269) 966 – 4549
Fax: (269) 966 – 4546
C-TPAT validated customs broker SVI # rusBro01087



If you don’t need local warehousing in Battle Creek, and prefer to pick up and drop off your equipment in Detroit, or Chicago, for example, then there are many other companies you can use, including Kuehne Nagle who have offered preferred pricing.  They do not offer warehousing in Battle Creek, MI.


You will need to complete a number of forms, including:

    1. Power of Attorney (Instructions)
    2. Customs Form 3299 (personal exemption, if equipment has been owned for more than 1 year)
    3. Service Agreement

Instructions for completing Form 3299

    1. Individual’s name
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Date the person arrives in the US
    4. US address (e.g. Hotel)
    5. City the person clears Customs in
    6. Airline and flight the person arrives on
    7. Family members that are with them
    8. A-F all pertain to the freight, these can be left blank and we will fill them in
    9. A-C, What their residence is, how long they have lived in that country, and they are visiting the US
    10. C(2), and if they have owned their equipment over a year check C(1) also
    11. Go to second page, D. List of Articles, list the equipment and I suggest the notation ‘I am bringing my personal equipment temporarily to attend the 20th FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship, in Battle Creek, MI

Part V leave blank
Part VI mark B. importer and be sure to sign the form