Pilot Invitation and Registration

Pilot Invitation and Registration

Pilots eligible to participate in the 20th FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship will be notified by their local National Aero Club (NAC) when the invitation process begins (see Important Dates).  It is imperative that invited competitors complete their application and submit all required paperwork and fees according to the timelines provided in the application materials.

Foreign pilots expecting to fly a foreign registered balloon over a US registered bottom end or renting or borrowing a US registered system will have additional paperwork to complete and submit to the US Federal Aviation Administration.  A foreign pilot with a certificate from his country must apply for a US pilot certificate if flying a US registered balloon.  See the Pilot Certification Process for details and guidance.

The pilot entry fee is $1,245 USD and must accompany pilot registrations.  The entry fee includes the following:

  • Hotel accommodations for the registered pilot with check-in on August 17, 2012 and check-out August 25, 2012.  See Accomodations section; pilots are responsible for additional nights and extra room needs.
  • Propane for all scheduled practice and competitive flights
  • Observers
  • Two (2) competition maps
  • Five (5) tickets to all social gatherings including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Pilot pack